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"Improved Lance Tips for Longer Life"

Michael J. Strelbisky, General Manager, A.H. Tallman Bronze Co. Ltd.


The A.H. Tallman Bronze Company Limited has been conducting extensive research and development work into improving the service life of copper lance tips. The new design permits incremental increases in the number of heats achieved per lance tip without altering other operating parameters. Trials indicate that the design improvements in the lance tips have beneficial effects on furnace operating conditions.

The development work has achieved two of the most desirable results. Part one involved improving the cast structure of the lance tip. Part two involved optimising the heat transfer between the cooling water and the interior face of the lance tip.


Copper lance tips using a process proprietary to A.H. Tallman Bronze Company Limited are cast using a centrifugal casting method. A newly developed grain refinement process allows Tallman Bronze to selectively refine the grain size of the copper in critical contact areas. The bottom of the lance tip (fig. 1.) shows the typical grain size of a cast lance tip.


   Figure 1


The same view of a lance tip cast in the new process (fig. 2.) shows a change in the grain size.


   Figure 2


Here the grain size is significantly reduced. This macrograph shows the product of the newly developed grain refinement process. Reducing the grain size improves the erosion resistance of the copper and thus contributes to improved lance tip life.

The patented lance tip design builds on all existing knowledge of lance tip cooling and erosion. Figure 3. shows the heat transfer along the inside bottom face of a typical four (4) hole lance tip. Note the areas of low heat transfer. These areas are directly opposite the areas where high erosion usually occurs. Figure 4. is a graphic representation of heat transfer in a new design lance tip and is evidence of significant improvement in the heat transfer properties along the entire inside bottom face of the lance tip. A modification in the geometry of the internal water passages results in the improvement in the heat transfer properties. Improved heat transfer increases the erosion resistance of the lance tip and reduces the softening tendency of copper. Corresponding increases in the strength of the lance tip are also expected. The combination of refined grain structure and improved heat transfer will lead to improved lance tip efficiency and lance tip life.


Figure 3

Figure 4








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